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 Sujet du message : Systematics of north African Agama
Message Publié : 15 Nov 2011, 11:14 
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Zootaxa 3098: 26–46 (2011)

Systematics of north African Agama (Reptilia: Agamidae): a new species from
the central Saharan mountains



We studied the taxonomic status of the north African Agama species A. impalearis, A. castroviejoi, and A. boueti. The
study of recently collected specimens and museum material, as well as phylogenetic analyses of a short 16S ribosomal
RNA gene fragment, revealed the presence of an undescribed species in Adrar des Ifoghas (Mali), Aïr Mountains (Niger),
Ahaggar Mountains (Algeria) and Tassili n’Ajjer (Algeria, Lybia), previously mistaken either as A. impalearis or A.
agama. The new species, Agama tassiliensis n. sp., clearly belongs to the impalearis – boueti – spinosa species group but
differs from these species, among other characters, by its red, reddish-orange or orange vertebral stripe in males, long and
angular head, long limbs and toes (with 4th toe usually slightly longer than 3rd toe), long but low nuchal crest made of 10
to 15 spines (rarely 8–9 spines) and large number of supralabials (10–16, usually around 12). Interspecific uncorrected pdistances
based on the 16S rDNA gene fragment are high, ranging from 3.9% between A. boueti and A. impalearis to 7.9%
between A. spinosa and A. impalearis. The new species is sympatric with A. boueti at least in the Aïr Mountains and exhibits
average mtDNA divergences of 6.2%, 7.4%, and 7.6% with A. spinosa, A. impalearis, and A. boueti, respectively.
Agama boueti is paraphyletic relative to A. castroviejoi in the mtDNA tree, and mtDNA genetic divergences between populations
of both species are lower than 1.0%, suggesting that A. castroviejoi is better treated as a junior synonym of A.
boueti pending more detailed analyses. Scattered mountain ranges in the Sahara seem to have promoted lineage divergence
and ultimately speciation in this group. Further work should be done to study species taxonomy and evolution in
those areas.
Key words: Ahaggar, Aïr, Algeria, Mauritania, Lybia, Niger, Mali, Sahara, Tassili n’Ajjer, taxonomy

1.1.9 Sphaerodactylus difficilis diolenius
1.1.2 S. nigropunctatus "intermedius"
1.1.1 S. argus
1.1 S. macrolepis "Blue Eyes"
1.1 S. fantasticus karukera
1.1 S. notatus atactus
1.1 S. sputator
0.1 Phelsuma quadriocellata quadriocellata
1.1 P. robertmertensi
1.2 Mniarogekko chahoua "île des Pins"
1.3 Takydromus smaragdinus
0.0.1 Tribolonotus gracilis

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