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Bonner Zoologische Monographien Nr. 57/2011:

The terrestrial reptile fauna of the Biosphere
Reserve Cat Ba Archipelago , Hai Phong , Vietnam
T.Q. Nguyen, R. Stenke, H.X. Nguyen & T. Ziegler

A total of 40 species of reptiles was recorded within two herpetological surveys during May 2007 and April 2008 on Cat
Ba Island, Hai Phong, northeastern Vietnam: one species of turtle, 19 species of lizards, and 20 species of snakes. Nineteen species (47.5%) were new records for the island. Compared with previous herpetological surveys on Cat Ba Island, the diversity of terrestrial reptiles recorded during our field work was five times higher than given in Darevsky (1990) and two times higher than indicated by Nguyen & Shim (1997). Taxonomic comparisons revealed that one lizard is endemic, the eublepharid gecko Goniurosaurus catbaensis (Ziegler et al. 2008), and another new skink species, Sphenomorphus tonkinensis (Nguyen et al. 2011); the divergent status of other squamate species (e.g., Pareas cf. hamptoni, Viridovipera cf. stejnegeri) is still under examination.

Biologia 66/6: 1159—1176, 2011
Section Zoology

A review of Indochinese skinks of the genus Lygosoma
Hardwicke & Gray, 1827 (Squamata: Scincidae), with natural history notes and an identification key
Peter Geissler, Truong Quang Nguyen, Trung My Phung, Robert Wayne Van
Devender, Timo Hartmann, Balázs Farkas, Thomas Ziegler & Wolfgang B¨ohme

Abstract: We review the supple skinks (Lygosoma Hardwicke & Gray, 1827) known to occur in Indochina (Cambodia,
Laos and Vietnam). Here, the existence of seven species is documented: L. angeli, L. boehmei, L. bowringii, L. corpulentum, L. haroldyoungi, L. isodactylum (type of Squamicilia Mittleman, 1952), and L. quadrupes (type of Lygosoma). Based on morphological characters, L. carinatum Darevsky & Orlova, 1996 is shown to be a synonym of L. corpulentum. Although L. bowringii is expected to turn out as a complex of cryptic species when molecular methods are applied to a broad sampling, Indochinese representatives form a homogenous group based on morphology. Two further Lygosoma listed by Bourret (2009), viz. L. albopunctatum and L. punctatum (generotype of Riopa Gray, 1839) are distributed further west and probably fail to reach the Indochinese realm. We also provide natural history notes and an identification key for the seven species currently recognized from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

1.1.9 Sphaerodactylus difficilis diolenius
1.1.2 S. nigropunctatus "intermedius"
1.1.1 S. argus
1.1 S. macrolepis "Blue Eyes"
1.1 S. fantasticus karukera
1.1 S. notatus atactus
1.1 S. sputator
0.1 Phelsuma quadriocellata quadriocellata
1.1 P. robertmertensi
1.2 Mniarogekko chahoua "île des Pins"
1.3 Takydromus smaragdinus
0.0.1 Tribolonotus gracilis

Nombreux Siluriformes et Cichlidae Sud Américain
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