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 Sujet du message : [Revues] Iguana - Conservation, Natural History, and.
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Localisation : Valais et Vaud
Titre : Iguana - Conservation, Natural History, and Husbandry of Reptiles

IGUANA est une revue publiée à 4 reprises dans l'année. Elle traite de la conservation, de l'histoire naturelle et des soins des reptiles. Les sujets traités sont variés et les articles, souvent écrits par des biologistes de terrain, sont pertinents. Pas mal de numéros sont téléchargeables en format PDF sur le site Internet de l'International Reptile Conservation Foundation : http://www.ircf.org/.

Voici la liste des numéros qui sont téléchargeables, avec les sujets abordés :

1. Volume 12 Number 1 (03-2005)


Citer :
- The Emerald Puzzle : Geographic Variation in Corallus caninus
- Working to Save the Andros Iguana
- The Sweetwater Strategy : Saving Habitat at the Grassroot Level
- Chironius Attack!
- 2004 ISG Meeting, Suva, Fiji : Reports
- Rick Hudson : a Hero for Iguana Conservation
- Stephens Island : Land of "Lizards"
- Protective Devices of Snakes : Rattlesnakes
- A New Rock Iguana from Porto Rico
- Collecting Herpetological Specimens in Haiti
- Allison Armour and the Utowana
- Biographical Sketch : Thomas Barbour
- Comments from an Old Naturalist About Exotic Species and a New Herpetocultural Ethic
- The Art and Science of Reptiles : Singing the Turtles to Sea : The Comcaac (Seri) Art and Science of Reptiles by Gary P. Nabham

2. Volume 12 Number 2 (06-2005)


Citer :
- Conservation Status of Lesser Antillean Reptiles
- Conservation of the Anegada Iguana (Cyclura pinguis)
- Value-added Conservation Science : Outreach Activities that Support Conservation of the Anegada Iguana
- Rattlesnakes on the Bluffs : Wisconsin Timber Rattlesnakes
- Blue Iguana Update
- Hellshire Blues
- Care of Uromastyx
- The Artist as Iguanaphilie : A Profile of Joel Friesch
- Mayan Reptiles
- A yucatecan Adventure
- 25 Years of Change
- Species Profile : Blunt-headed Tree Snake (Imantodes cenchoa)
- Camps in the Caribbees : The Adventures of a Naturalist in the Lesser Antilles
- Florida and the West Indies
- Biographical Sketch : Frederick A. Ober
- Consider the Turtles of the Field
- Amphibians and Reptiles of the Bay Islands and Cayos Cochines, Honduras by James R. McCranie, Larry David Wilson, and Gunter Köhler

3. Volume 12 Number 3 (09-2005)


Citer :
- Distribution and Habitat Utilization of Ctenosaura bakeri on Utila
- Dilemma of the Common Species : Florida Box Turtles
- The Life and Times of a State Agency Herpetologist
- Restoring a New Wild Population of Blue Iguanas (Cyclura lewisi) in the Salina Reserve, Gran Cayman
- Pharaoh : A Tribute
- Captive Care of Monitor Part I : Introduction and Housing
- Successfully Wearing Two Hats : A Profile of Robert Powell
- Northern Perù : Ocean to Mountains to Amazonian Rainforest
- Biologia Centrali-Americna
- Biographical Sketch : Albert C. L. G. Günther
- The Economic Roots of Species Invasions
- The Song of the Dodo : Island Biogeography in an Age of Extinctions by David Quammen

4. Volume 12 Number 4 (12-2005)


Citer :
- Conservation of Cyclura ricordii in the Southwestern Dominican Republic and a Brief History of the Grupo Jaragua
- Ecotones and Hybrid Zones : Implication for Conservation Illustrated by Ground-dwelling Lizards from Hispaniola
- The Word's Most Endangered Anole?
- Last Govering the Importation and Exportation of Reptiles
- Captive Care of Monitors Part II : Diet and Reproduction
- The Faces of Grupo Jaragua
- The Rock Iguanas of Parque Nacional Isla Cabritos
- Species Profile : Hispaniolan Vinesnakes
- Herpetology of Hispaniola (Introduction)
- Biographical Sketch : Doris M. Cochran
- The Case Against Captive Reptiles and Amphibians
- The Reptiles and Amphibians of the Dutch Caribbean : St. Eutatius, Saba, and St. Maarten by Robert Powell, Robert W. Henderson, and John S. Parmerlee, Jr.

5. Volume 13 Number 1 (03-2006)


Citer :
- Slender Toes in Southern Malaysia
- Conserving the Remarkable Reptiles of Guantànamo Bay
- Size Does Matter
- Lizard Warfare
- The Intrdoducted Brown Basilik (Basilicus vittatus) in Florida
- Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) Biology and Conservation in the Upper Mississippi River Valley
- Emerald Gems (Corallus caninus) : Captive Husbandry and Propagation - Part I : Introduction and Habitats
- A. Stanley Rand (1932-2005)
- A Blue Anoles of Isla Gorgona
- A Preliminary Study of the Thermal Requirements of Desert Reptiles
- Biographical Sketches : Raymond Bridgman Cowles and Charles Mitchill Borgert
- intelligent Design?
- We need a National Reptile and National Amphibian
- Ecology and Evolution in the Tropics : A Herpetological Perspective edited by Maureen A. Donnelly, Brian I. Crother, Craig Guyer, Marvalee H. Wake, and Mary E. White

6. Volume 13 Number 2 (06-2006)


Citer :
- Flying Reptiles of Malaysia
- Reptiles of the Santa Lucia Cloud Forest, Ecuador
- Fire in the Salina reserve, Grand Cayman
- Population Structure and Reproduction of Ctenosaura bakeri on Utila
- 2005 Meeting of the Iguana Specialist Group (ISG)
- The VIII National Meeting on Iguanas in Mexico : An Overview
- Emerald Gems (Corallus caninus) : Captive Husbandry and Propagation - Part II : Care and Reproduction
- Sandy Echternacht : A Lifetime of Herpetology
- Adaptations for Gliding in the Lizard Draco
- Biographical Sketch : Edwin H. Colbert
- Killing Animals for Profit
- Are Alligator Snappers Out Of The Soup?
- Global Climate Change : Should You Care?
- Three on Consilience : The Difficult Art of Combining Biological and Social Sciences to Protect Biodiversity

7. Volume 13 Number 3 (09-2006)


Citer :
- Conservation of the Guatemalan Beaded Lizard
- The Conservation of Thorn Scrub and Dry Forest Habitat in the Motagua Valley, Guatemala : Promoting the Protection of a Unique Ecoregion
- Soaking Wet in a Fijian Dry Forest
- The Anoles of Coconut Island, Kane'ohe Bay, O'ahu, Hawai'i
- Cannibalism in a Introduced Population of Cyclura nubila nubila on Isla Magueyes, Puerto Rico
- Emerald Gems (Corallus caninus) : Captive Husbandry and Propagation - Part III : Propagation
- Ex-Situ : Notes on Reproduction and Captive Husbandry of the Guatemalan Beaded Lizard (Heloderma horridum charlesbogerti)
- Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Island : Pieces of America in the far Pacific
- Life Habits of Phrynosoma
- A Horned Lizard at a High Altitude
- A Note on Distinction of the Sexes in Phrynosoma
- An Examination of Blood-ejecting Horned Lizards
- A Preliminary Note on the Food Habits and Distribution of the Texas Horned Lizards
- The Urine of the Horned Lizard
- Crocodiles and Alligators Are Very Different
- Biology of Gila Monster and Beaded Lizards by Daniel D. Beck

8. Volume 13 Number 4 (12-2006)


Citer :
- Denizens of the Dwarf Forest : The Herpetofauna of the Elfin Forest of Cusuco National Park, Honduras
- An Annotated Checklist of the Amphibians and Reptiles of St. Vincent, West Indies
- Ctenosaurs of Honduras : Notes from the Field
- Keeping Invasive Species Off Guana Island, British Virgin Islands
- West Indian Iguanas : An Update
- Successful Care and Reproduction of Green Tree Monitors (Varanus prasinus) at the San Diego Zoo
- Endangered by Research : Poachers Mine the Scientific Literature for Locations of Newly Discovered Animals
- Sea Turtles of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States by Carol Ruckdeschel and C. Robert Shoop

9. Volume 14 Number 1 (03-2007)


Citer :
- Ricord's Iguana (Cyclura ricordii) on the Southern Shore of Lago Enriquillo, Dominican Republic
- Species Profile : Hispaniolan Lesser Racer (Antillophis parvifrons)
- Studying a Population of Texas Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma cornutum) in an Urban/Military Environment
- The Gharial : Going Extinct Again
- Aspects of Light and Reptilian immunity
- Been There, Done That : A Profile of James B. Murphy
- A Costa Rican Adventure
- From Here It's Possible : A Texan Visits the Tropics
- Notes on Iguanids and Varanids in a Mixed Exhibit at Dallas Zoo
- Collecting Animals from Nature
- The Reluctant Mr. Darwin : An Intimate Portrait of Charles Darwin and the Making of His Theory of Evolution by David Quammen

10. Volume 14 Number 2 (06-2007)


Citer :
- Natural History and Conservation of the Sand Dune Lizard (Lioalemus multimaculatus)
- Conservation of Green Anacontas : How Tylenol Conservation and Macroeconomics Threaten the Survival of the World's Largest Snake
- Species Profile : Amazon Treeboa (Corallus hortulanus)
- Serpent in the Clouds : Research and Conservation Efforts for the Boelen's Python (Morelia boeleni)
- The Little Snake That Could : Butler's Garter Snake in Wisconsin
- Glenn P. Gerber : Doing It His Way
- Destination Bangladesh : From the Himalayas tu the Bay of Bengal
- The Rattlesnake and Natural Selection
- Use of the Rattles of the Rattlesnake
- The Rattle of the Rattlesnake
- What Do We Lose If We Lose the Frogs?
- Biology of the Boas and Pythons by Robert W. Henderson and Robert Powell (eds.)

11. Volume 14 Number 3 (09-2007)


Citer :
- Distribution, Natural History, and Impacts of the Introduced Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana) in Florida
- Notes on the Distribution of the Endangered Lizard, Heloderma horridum charlesbogerti, in the Dry Forest of Eastern Guatemala : An Application of Multi-criteria Evaluation to Conservation
- The Management of Yellow Anacondas (Eunectes notaeus) in Argentina : From Historical Misuse to Resource Appreciation
- Herpetological Fieldwork in the Lowland Rainforests of Northeastern Honduras : Pleasure or How Quickly We Forget?
- The Day Geckos of Madagascar
- Notes on Butler's Garter Snake
- A Statistical Study of Thamnophis brachystoma (Cope) with Comments on the Kinship of T. butleri (Cope)
- Biology and Conservation of Florida Turtles by Peter A. Meylan (ed.)
- Wild Trees in the Cayman Islands by Fred Burton

12. Volume 14 Number 4 (12-2007)


Citer :
- Giants in the Rainforest : A Radiotelemetry Study of the Amethystine Python in North Queensland, Australia
- Ecology and Conservation of the Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima)
- Predation on a Tarantula (Cyrtopholis bartholomaei) by a Puerto Rican Ground Lizard (Amevia exsul)
- 2006 Meeting of the Iguana Specialist Group (ISG)
- Two Early Reports of Intentionally Released Reptiles
- Six Wonders are Enough
- The Ongoing Privatization of Public Universities
- Herpetological History of the Zoo and Aquarium World by James B. Murphy
- Hispaniola : A Photographic Journey through Island Biodiversity by Eladio Fernàndez

13. Volume 15 Number 2 (06-2008)


Citer :
- The Seven Blues of May
- Terrapins in the Stew
- Conservation of the Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake (Lampropeltis pyromelana)
- Observations on the Natural History of Green Anacondas : An Ecotourism Perspective
- The Thai Endemic, Miriam's Legless Skink (Davewakeum miriamae Heyer, 1972)
- Let's Not Be Complacent About the Obvious
- Tales of a Blue Dragon Tracker : Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Fieldwork 2007

14. Volume 15 Number 3 (09-2008)


Citer :
- An Annotated Checklist of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Dominica, West Indies
- Ecology and Traditional Use of the Guatemalan Black Iguana (Ctenosaura palearis) in the Dry Forests of the Motagua Valley, Guatemala
- Gharial Reproduction and Mortality
- A Predation Attempt Gone Awry : Defensive Constriction of a Predator by a Dominican Racer
- Exploitation of the Night-light Niche by a Dominican Racers
- Spiny-tailed Iguanas (Ctenosaura similis) in Venezuela : A Preliminary Report
- Most by Land, Some by Sea : Photographing the Obscure in Dominica
- Snake Eats Snake
- Snake Story
- A Salamander-Snake Fight
- A Burmese Python Could Be More Than A Pest
- The Decline of the Natural-History Museum

15. Volume 15 Number 4 (12-2008)


Citer :
- Chassing Bullsnakes (Pituophis catenifer sayi) un Wisconsin : On the Road tu Understanding the Ecology and Conservation of the Midwest's Giant Serpent
- The Shared History of Treeboas (Corallus grenadensis) and Humans GRenada : A Hypothetical Excursion
- The Texas Horned Lizard in Central and Western Texas
- The Knight Anole (Anolis equestris) in Florida
- World's Mammals in Crisis
- More Than Mammals
- The "Dow Jones Index" of Biodiversity
- Captive Care of the Central Netted Dragon
- Kraig Adler : A Lifetime Promoting Herpetology
- The Turtles Have Been Watching Me
- Threatened Amphibians of the World edited ba S.N. Stuart, M. Hoffmann, J.S. Chanson, N.A. Cox, R. Berridge, P. Ramani, and B.E. young

Mon avis

Je n'ai bien évidemment pas tout lu, seulement les articles qui m'intéressaient et de ce que j'ai vu, très bonne surprise. Un peu moins facile à lire que la revue Biawak mais ça reste compréhensible pour ceux qui ne sont pas bilingues. Je le conseille, il y a pas mal d'informations bonnes à prendre même si tout ne concerne pas forcément la maintenance en captivité.

Petit (gros) point négatif : les images sont en noir et blanc. Ah et je n'ai pas réussi à trouver le Volume 15 Number 1. Introuvable ce numéro de mars 2008...


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